Fit entire photos anywhere with this one-tap resizer.


Format your content for
any social channel

Like it says in our name, resizing is kinda our thing. We’ve got the perfect one-click crop for every popular social channel: square, IG full, IG story, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The Instasize cropping feature is a breeze to use and never sacrifices image resolution. Here are a few things to consider when cropping your content.

1. Rule of Thirds

If you took photography in high school, you’ve heard about the rule of thirds. In sum, this rule proposes that an image is divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines, and that the subject is placed along these lines or their intersections. This can help create more tension, energy and interest in the image than simply centering the subject.


2. 4x5 Ratio

If you’re playing the Instagram algorithm game, the 4x5 ratio is the way to go. This crop takes up the most real estate, increasing the opportunity for your photo to be seen.


3. Video Resizing

No need to buy expensive software to resize video! The Instasize cropping feature allows for easy video cropping so you can fit your entire video in an Instagram post. To keep a clean feed, we suggest using a photo for the first slide, then swiping for the fully formatted video.