Here’s the secret to flawless selfies.

Retouch photos with beauty tools.

Try our easy-to-use tools to get that perfect, glowing selfie. Our subtle retouching tools are designed to look natural so you can put your best face forward.

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  • Acne Removal

    Just zoom and tap to watch your blemishes disappear. This tool’s not just for removing acne! Try it on any sort of blemish from pesky blackheads to stray spinach in your teeth.

  • Tanning

    Apply this tool like you would an airbrush. After you’ve applied it to the photo, adjust the intensity (we think it’s easier to adjust after applying so you can see what you’re doing).

  • Smooth

    This is your classic airbrush feature. Apply as needed for a picture-perfect finish.

  • Glow

    You can kiss your self tanner goodbye and give your photo a coveted golden-hour glow with just one click.

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