Get the vintage overlays you’ve seen on Instagram.

Apply vintage effects.

Retro is on the rise and we’ve got dreamy, vintage-inspired effects to boot. With Instasize, you don’t need a film or DSLR camera to get an artistic image. Just shoot on your phone and apply an overlay for instantly elevated photo effects. Use the static overlays for your photos and motion for video, or get creative and layer motion overlays with static images for edits with soft, captivating movement.


Our film overlays mimic the feeling of old analog cameras, creating a realistic film grain effect on phone photos. We love the way features like dust, flutter and scratch make modern photos look more like old, treasured memories.


This collection features textures like bubble wrap, creased paper, folded paper and plastic. Use these overlays to add depth and create cool grunge photo effects.


These overlays are inspired by photos from your childhood. Time stamps, VHS buttons and light strips bring us right back to the era of home videos and disposable cameras. Use this collection on your photos to create a sense of 90s nostalgia and add a touch of emotion.


Keep your feed fresh with these subtle, nostalgic light leaks. The rainbow, amber, burn, electric and flare photo effect create a perfect balance of playful and polished.

How to use overlays

  • steps

    1. Open photo in Instasize and select overlays.

  • steps

    2. Choose an overlay based on your content and the vibe you’re going for.

  • steps

    3. Decrease intensity to desired effect.