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Instasize web stories are captivating story narratives designed for the open web and totally independent of social media platforms. Reach a unique audience with this robust set of advertising opportunities!

Aesthetically appealing.

With Instasize web stories, you can build visually rich, tappable stories. It’s an easy way to share information with immersive storytelling and engaging animations. Insert pictures, videos and GIFs with just one click and add captions with the text editor.

Boosts engagement.

Add links to your stories and increase engagement with an easy swipe-up feature. This is perfect for sharing recommended reading, products, affiliate links and more!

Fun fact: A study commissioned by Google found that using web stories lead to a 10% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in sales conversions.

Post anywhere.

The coolest part of web stories is that they’re not confined to a specific platform. You can post them across all sites and apps with a shareable link!

SEO friendly.

Posting on the open web means these stories are SEO capable so you can get boost traffic and get way more visibility than simply posting to Instagram.