Aesthetic backgrounds to up your Instagram game.

Choose from hundreds of
unique backgrounds.

This is the feature that started it all. Use a clean, white background to preserve the dimensions of your original content while adding white space between the photos on your grid for an artistic effect. Or use patterned backgrounds and photos to change up your feed and add variety. Adding backgrounds can be particularly useful to fit your photos on Instagram stories and creating cover slides for your story highlights.

A quick word of advice: if you have a busy photo choose a simple background like a solid or gradient color. If your photo is simple, you might opt for a background with more going on (like this pizza pattern or these groovy waves).

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  • Pattern

    Take your pick of patterns. We’ve got it all from art-infused textures to quirky prints.

  • Color

    Choose from solid colors in every shade you’d want. This makes the perfect polished background for stories.

  • Gradients

    If solid colors aren’t the look you want, try these subtle rainbow and ombre gradients.

  • Photo

    Select any photo from your camera roll to use as a background, or explore photography from other talented creators in Unsplash’s library.

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