What is Influencer Marketing?

It’s undeniable: influencer marketing is easily considered one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands these days. After all, nothing persuades new people to purchase your products more than seeing people they admire already using said products.

Influencer marketing is...

"...a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you."

Seems pretty simple, right? Well, kind of.

This marketing niche is an incredibly beneficial part of any company’s marketing mix when deployed properly. However, it takes strategy and manpower to make an influencer campaign go off without a hitch. And finding the right influencers is crucial. 

Influencer campaigns come in all forms

There is no singular way to ensure a great campaign. Instead, the “perfect” campaign is highly dependent on the brand for which the content is created. While the strategy, format, and industry may differ from campaign to campaign, one thing about this type of marketing stands true: it’s always unique.

  • Pala Casino Resort and SpaAll types of brands use influencers in order to strengthen their marketing efforts, and casinos are no different! This upscale spa/casino utilized Instagram influencers to produce beautiful, stylized shots promoting their resort — and it worked! The influencers in attendance had a reach of over 28 million people and generated over 1,000 new Facebook likes for the resort.

  • ThredUPInfluencer campaigns don’t always revolve around static photos for the ‘gram. Video testimonials, reviews, and hauls are great ways to show social proof and are a key part of effective marketing strategies. ThredUP partnered with Reelio to create influencer videos and generated over 2 million impressions in the process. Pretty crazy, huh?

    There are loads of influencer campaign examples out there already from big brands that you can make your own.

Want to become an influencer?

If you’re a creative who has considered becoming an influencer, there are platforms that will help you get your feet wet. Some of these services don’t even require members to have a large following, making it a viable option even for newbies who are just working with brands for the first time.

Here are a couple companies offering campaigns for social influencers:

  • AmbassadHer - While their website can be kind of confusing, AmbassadHer partners with brands that offer campaign opportunities for creatives at all stages of influence. While not all of their campaigns are paid — some of them are purely product in exchange for post — there is still a lot to benefit from the AmbassadHer network in the form of brand partnerships.

  • Social NativeSocial Native is another platform that partners brands with influencers to create user-generated content. They’re a marketing powerhouse with the case studies to back it up. Having worked with industry juggernauts like Dollar Shave Club, Perrier, and Polaroid, Social Native is a skilled liaison between brands and creatives.

  • HivencyHivency is a cool platform where brands and influencers can connect and collaborate. They work with top brands like l'Oréal, Nestlé, Clarins, Sephora. It's really great for influencers who are just starting out as it allows you to receive free products to create content around for your community!

  • Paladin - Paladin Software helps digital talent agencies and networks to automate the legwork of influencer marketing across social platforms. With tools to help identify the best influencers to work with to reach a given target audience and to generate beautiful campaign reports that update in real time, Paladin's goal is to make influencer marketing effortless.

  • SocialPubli - SocialPubli is an influencer marketing platform and agency that makes it as simple as possible to launch campaigns with influencers. On SocialPubli's online platform, you can set up campaigns on the social media network of your choice and filter influencers by country, language, category, gender, age and number of followers. 

Go it alone

Sometimes campaigns fall into your lap without the use of services like AmbassadHer, Social Native, or their counterparts. You may be referred for a campaign by another influencer, a brand may slide into your DMs, or they may send you an email. If and when that’s the case, vet it out, make sure you agree to the terms, and secure the deal. The most lucrative and long-term opportunities can come straight to you. You can also take matters into your own hands by actively building your email list to make you more visible and grow your network at a sustainable pace. 

All in all, influencer marketing is here to stay. It’s a win/win for both creatives and for brands, and it’s a dynamic promotional strategy that will continue to adapt over time.

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