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Instasize: Hey guys. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the Instasize Unfiltered podcast. I am here with the lovely Sadie Jane from the Instagram handle @simplysadiejane. We are in Tokyo, Japan, which is nuts.

Simply Sadie Jane: So nuts.

IS: It's been a whirlwind. The past couple days have been crazy.

SSJ: Really.


IS: Yesterday we shot for 16 hours and today we are actually going to be walking up to an observation point so we can overlook the city, overlook Mount Fuji. So don't mind the huffing and puffing because we do have a little walk... ways to go. But I figured we would kickstart this interview off by asking you, how have you enjoyed Japan.

SSJ: Yeah.

IS: Anything. What's been your favorite part, favorite piece of content that we've shot?

SSJ: Yeah, this has been so amazing. I first of all feel so honored that Instasize asked me to come and be a part of this creator tour. I felt so connected to Tokyo. I've never obviously been, but the moment we got here... I just love. We've been to so many different shrines and it's been so beautiful for me as I practice so much mindfulness in my life, to see how peaceful it is throughout the city. I really feel like it's an ongoing theme throughout the city is the peace follows, because there's shrines in the middle of those skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers. That works too. We turn a corner and there's a beautiful shrine and people are respecting it, bowing to it, praying to it. Lunchtime, break time, so-

IS: In the middle of the day.

SSJ: It's beautiful, yeah. It's super calm and peaceful.

IS: And it's super clean. I've noticed the cleanliness.


IS: So tell us a little bit about your Instagram journey. When did you get started, at what point did you realize like wow this is really picking up, if there was a point or if it just kind of happened gradually? What's your story?

SSJ: Yeah, so I actually started I feel like forever ago. I was like an OG blogger kind of, not really, but I feel a little bit just because I've been this face for so long. So it's been almost 10 years. I started a blog, like a mommy blog, when I first got married and it's kind of evolved. I remember the first time I saw somebody else doing blogging for an actual business and I was like, I want to do that. I always felt like I had something to say or something to share, which is kind of funny coming from a small town girl from Idaho, who later she found out there's a lot of issues that I had that I needed to resolve and that kind of goes on with my journey and goes along further with my story.

IS: Because you grew up in Idaho?

SSJ: Yeah.

IS: I'm assuming, I mean blogging and Instagram didn't really pick up until, roughly six, seven years ago?

SSJ: Yeah, I think Instagram especially and people think like right now even blogs are dead, but my blog is still hot and heavy. But I started integrating, I was a registered nurse, labor and delivery nurse, and I kind of integrated some of my stories and then stories about big grocery store and the kids, and then I just started doing tutorials, like hair tutorials on my daughter. Then I lost 80 pounds after my second son and I started and shared that journey and documented it. That was when I very first had a huge connection with women.

Women would email me and talk about how they would use my workouts with no shoes because they couldn't afford it, in their family room, and it was a connection that I yearned for that I didn't even realize I wanted.

It was cool because then I took a leap. I had not ever gotten paid for a sponsor post and I said, I am doing this for full time.

IS: Really.

SSJ: So I quit my labor job and I said I want to do this. This is my... I felt so passionate about it.

IS: That's amazing because I feel like a lot of people don't find their passions until much later on in life.


IS: So what is your favorite part of Instagram and then in contrast, what would you say is your least favorite part of Instagram?

SSJ: Yeah so I think I loved Instagram, well it was interesting because when I started sharing about my fitness journey I started Instagram, so my blog came first and then I got my first iPhone and it was like, "Oh finally Instagram." And it was a whole other... I felt like it was almost like its own type of blog. It has its own audience, it was so beautiful because it was so... just a picture and then you could share so much with just that picture. And it evolved. My Instagram obviously, like if you go back to the beginning, it's evolved with me and I've loved that as my readership has evolved with me because it didn't just... fitness and 80 pounds was not even half of my journey and now that I've kind of come full circle and recovered from drug abuse, addiction and body dysmorphia disorder and found where real self love lies and where my self worth was, because that's what I wanted when I lost that weight, and it wasn't about my weight or my pant size, and I had to find that journey. That was what my mission is.

So I have always loved Instagram. If you look for negativity anywhere you're going to find it, so that's why people have negativity from it, because they pick from that. But you can find so much inspiration and love from so many. It's connecting us to places all over the world that we never thought and I follow-

IS: Like Tokyo.

SSJ: Like Tokyo, and I follow creative bakers from Tokyo, that are living their best life and sharing that with the world, and it makes the world smaller and therefore connects us more. It does such a service for moms too because it's such a lonely time in their life, it can be, and it helps them see they're not the only one. I want that to be that space, my page for it to be that space for the women. Come to my page and we will lean on each other, we will have that community. Get the education you need to really find true self love, self awareness. Fitness is just a tiny piece of that.

IS: Absolutely. I love that you said if you actively search out for negativity you will find it. I think that is so, so prevalent in today's digital era. I feel like so many people kind of lose their selves in the comparison game, right?

SSJ: Yeah.


IS: Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you in person. But in previous conversations, when talking about influencers in creating, you said that you're an entrepreneur and that is through and through. I don't know if you guys are familiar, but Sadie has a line of workout books, is that, or workbooks, courses.

SSJ: Yeah, courses. So I noticed when I started sharing... so what happened is I was done having kids after I lost that 80 pounds because I was a slave to my weight and then once I found yoga and meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, I finally gained my power back and I kind of came out of this fog and I knew that there was another baby out there for me. I was so, so grateful that I had the opportunity because I know the sacredness of that. So I had Henry and I kind of went through this journey and it took me a second to share that on my feed because it was so real and nerve wracking for me. Then when I started sharing it and when people started noticing a difference, because the readers, the OG's, they knew that something was different. I've been so grateful that they've kind of shared because when you do it for so long you go through... I mean no one's perfect so they think they... it's not like I ever thought I had the answers, but I share what I know and then I keep growing, right.

IS: Absolutely. That's probably why you keep growing because people, they love the transparency and the authenticity that comes with you.

SSJ: Yeah, it's so important to me because that's such a huge part of my growth. So when I started sharing that more, people said where do I start. Where do I even begin, and I very quickly knew that Simply Sadie Jane wasn't just me anymore, and I manifested and prayed and wrote down a whole list of things I wanted to do as far as a business partner and a videographer, an editor, assistants.

IS: So you went all in.

SSJ: I went all in. If I'm doing this... yeah.

IS: I love it.

SSJ: I can do this. It was so scary. I'm like, "Am I the entrepreneur type?" I don't know, but I'm doing this. I'm creating this. I'm spending so much time. I need to package this differently so that it can reach more people in the world because really, my mission is to reach women all over the world. I want them to feel empowered and know that they can find that through me.

IS: And to grow that community up.

SSJ: And grow the community of powerful women that can find love within themselves. So I started writing books, course books, and I have a full 90 day self love and awareness course. It's five course in one and then I have a maternity and labor one. I have guided meditations and kids meditations. I'm releasing a kids self love course with literally we made a cartoon and activity book.


IS: You guys see why I'm a fan. You are incredible. You honestly are so incredible.

SSJ: Well I just am going for it. Like honestly, a lot of times I'm like, "I don't know what I'm doing." But I sit down and I envision what I want to share with the knowledge that I have and the education that I've learned, worked so hard for, and just learning every day.

IS: So this is a complete learning process for you?

SSJ: 100%, yeah, and it's scary. It's not easy and I think if it's scary you're doing something right and you're taking a leap, because I also have three young kids and balancing that and knowing that I'm a good example to them, and balancing the idea of an entrepreneur and also a mom, and being all of it together and traveling the world, and traveling the world with them. I mean there's just no end to your dreams, and you maybe don't even know what your dreams are but if you sit down, and I teach a little bit about this in my self love course, but if you sit down and actually think about what your possibilities are, or like what's important to you, and write them down and see it on paper, you're letting God and the universe know that and then there's no bounds.


IS: Okay, so let's pause on the seriousness and let's just kind of get into the more random, fun questions-

SSJ: Yeah. Okay, done.

IS: ... that I think maybe your viewers don't know or your audience maybe doesn't know about you.

SSJ: Okay.

IS: So if you were going to have any type of superpower, what would it be and why?

SSJ: Oh my gosh. I used to think I'd want to read minds, but I think-

IS: That's literally what my superpower would be.

Yes. I've always wanted to know. I don't know if it's because I'm nosy, and I am a little nosy. I'm sorry.

SSJ: Yeah.


IS: We appreciate you. You're a great influencer. Okay so I guess in closing, if you could share one message to the entire world. Like if everyone was going to tune in, what would you tell them?

SSJ: 100%. It would be that they, whoever is watching, have everything within them already to be their best selves. They are searching, whoever it is out there, could be searching for fulfillment, for joy, for love, for acceptance, for happiness, for peace. If they just took a moment to sit with themselves, they would find it already within themselves and I don't think a lot of people know that and I just want everyone to know that.

IS: Girl. Can we hug it out? Can we hug it out? A Simply Sadie Jane ladies and gentlemen. A true gem both on Instagram and in person.

SSJ: Oh thank you.

IS: It has been so delightful getting to meet you.

SSJ: bThank you. I know, it's been so great.

IS: Thank you. You made work not feel like work.

SSJ: Yeah.

IS: I appreciate, I appreciate you being here, and I appreciate you guys for tuning in. Like I said, if you want to check out Sadie her handle is @simplysadiejane and I guess we will catch you on the next Unfiltered podcast. See yeah.


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