The Growing Trends of Instagrammable Restaurants

The need for putting up an Instagram Story of the beautifully plated sizzler in front of you is inevitable. Letting your followers know what you’re having for dessert on a cold winter night is the law of Instagram.

A report by Statista states that the United States has the most number of Instagram users with a gigantic 116 million users. India, second in command, has 73 million users on the photo app.

The above reports are reason enough for restaurateurs across the globe to make sure their restaurants are Instagrammable enough for diners to post about. In accordance with this new culture and increasing competition, restaurant owners need to make sure the food offered in their crib is both drool and picture-worthy. Apart from this, having a social media presence is a brilliant way of staying connected with your patrons and engaging them with whatever is happening at your restaurant.

How should you make your restaurant Instagrammable?

The pressure of gaining validation from the Instagram community is real. And we know it. But don’t sweat it just yet. In this article, we’re going to brief you with the know-how of making your restaurant Instagrammable.

  • Vivid wall art: Go crazy and paint the walls of your restaurants with bright colours, vivid enough to form a perfect background for all the photographs.
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  • Spot on lighting: Make sure your restaurant is bright enough for the image to highlight the beautifully cooked dishes. While natural lighting works the best if your restaurant doesn’t have much room for sunlight make sure you work well with the lights.
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  • Cutlery of the royalty: Proudly get the name of your restaurant embossed on your restaurant’s crockery and cutlery. This is also a clever hack for branding your restaurant. Your restaurant name in the backdrop and the food in the subject works well when it comes to advertising.
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  • Plate and place it right: Let that raspberry sauce drip elegantly on top of a cheesecake. Or let that cheese completely melt over the layered lasagna.
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  • Go green: Everyone likes to look at a little green if not (regularly) eat some. Decorating the interiors with plants is sure to add a distinct charm to your restaurant.
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  • Or neon: Funky neon reds and pinks are making their way into the Instagram glamour. Highlighting (literally and figuratively) a catchy food quote or even your restaurant’s name is going to compel customers to document it on their respective handles.
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  • A wall of fame: A space dedicated to all that your restaurant has accomplished, candids of satisfied diners, or simply a wall with unusual things painted over it. Anything distinct is surely going to promise you plenty of tags and mentions.
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  • Paint a story: Let the theme and concept of your restaurant be highlighted in its interiors. This will bring all the curious customers who like to experience a story with some bites on the sides.
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  • Be encouraging: Tell your staff to be more supportive and cheerful if customers request them to click a picture of them with their peers. Or better yet, get in the picture and request them to tag your restaurant.
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  • Make your food look photogenic: We’re talking misty desserts and burger towers! Let your chefs be as creative and reckless with their ideas while preparing unusually pleasing dishes. Ones that are sure to attract the likes. However, don’t compromise on the quality of the food you present. It should not only look appealing but should also taste good.
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  • Make maintenance a priority: Poor hygiene and broken equipment can cause a negative dining experience for a customer. Using a CMMS, restaurant staff can respond quicker to maintenance requests, helping improve a restaurant’s cleanliness.

How to market your restaurant brand on Instagram?

Whilst making your restaurant Instagrammable is essential, being on the other side of the marquee is equally important. Your restaurant marketing strategy must sketch out how you can market your brand on Instagram. Here’s how you can promote your restaurant.

  • Use high-quality pictures of your restaurant’s food and interiors. Since Instagram is all about pictures, make sure you post the best picture of the thirty that you click. Posting photos of customers and staff regularly would ensure high traction.

  • Focus more on hashtags and put in some prior research to it. If you’re a brand that has just started out, you must know that hashtags are a great way of reaching out to people. Use them in your captions wisely.

  • Collaborate with other businesses and influencers. This works in a mutually beneficial manner and will expose your brand to a wider audience. You could also do an Instagram takeover, where you can let, say a food blogger, take over for the day and promote your brand further.

  • Post things that are insightful and are relevant not just to your customers but also to the food biz. You could post about any latest technology that has come up and is being used at your restaurant. You also can post nice quotes or clever similes to keep your content interesting.

  • Go live! This is a great way of engaging with your followers and documenting what’s cooking at your restaurant in real-time.

  • Consistency is the key. Your restaurant family got bigger? Put them in your story! Baked a perfect Banoffee pie? Post it! Keeping your customers posted about what’s happening at your restaurant will ensure an enhanced customer experience. Add your content posting schedule to your calendar and share it with your team so you can execute it together.

  • Repost posts and instagram stories that your diners put. This will not only make them feel important but would also let potential customers know that people are talking about your restaurant.

There are plenty of other restaurant marketing ideas that you can implement to reach out to your virtual audience.

Trends on Instagram and other social media platforms keep changing from time to time. It’s best to remain abreast of what’s trending and how are other restaurants are becoming more Instagrammable.

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