iPhone Photography - Tips On Shooting With Your iPhone Camera

They say the best camera you will ever have, is the one in your back pocket. For most of us in 2017, that camera is attached to our handy dandy iPhone, a marcel we would dare not leave the house without. Our phones and cameras have become an extension of who we are as people, and the content we share online is leaving behind a social foot print we'll cherish forever (unless Instagram and Facebook cease to exist then WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ANYTHING) but we'll cut with the dramatics and get back to helping you take better iPhone photos. The device you're holding in your hand right now, probably reading this from, is equipped with a ton of amazing tools that you should be utilizing when taking mobile photos.

This week we're excited to share with you our top tips and tricks for taking better photos with your iPhone.

Utilize Your Photo Grid

Utilize the iPhone Camera Grid Utilize the iPhone Camera Grid

Your iPhone comes with a photo grid that you must turn on to access (settings, photo and camera, turn on grid). Once live, the grid will reinforce the importance of photo composition. We advise to shoot following the "rule of thirds" which means you'll want to place your subjects at the intersection of two grid lines.

Set Focus & Exposure

Without Exposure Adjustment With Exposure Adjustment

iPhone Camera before Exposure Adjustment iPhone Camera after Exposure Adjustment

Although your iPhone will automatically focus while shooting, there are times when you'll want to manually change focus to another subject. Tapping anywhere on your screen while shooting will tell your iPhone where you want the focus to be, and the rest is magic!

When you tap on your phone to set the focus, the camera will automatically reset the exposure/brightness settings as well to what it thinks is best. We highly recommend playing around with lighting adjustments as light plays a very important role in the overall tone of a photo. You may reveal colors you didn't once see before.

Have Fun With Portrait Mode

iPhone Camera Portrait Mode iPhone Camera Portrait Mode

If you have an iPhone 7 or above, then you're probably no stranger to the portrait mode setting. When utilized, this tool makes a world of difference by creating depth and highlighting a subject. When shooting in portrait mode, look for well lit areas with as much natural lighting as possible. Once the yellow "depth effect" button is highlighted, you're ready to start taking photos.

Burst Mode for Beast Mode

In our blog post, Instagram Content Ideas for A More Creative Feed, we covered and capturing movement using the "burst mode" setting on your iPhone. Overall, capturing movement and utilizing the burst mode feature is a great way to capture shots you normally wouldn't even think of setting up. To do this, simply hold down the shutter button and your device will take a series of photos back to back. Thus giving you a plethora of photo options to choose from.

Tip: Once in your camera roll, click on what seems like one photo from the series you took. You'll notice a "SELECT" option which will allow you to scroll through and choose your favorite photos before deleting the rest.

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