Simple Video Editor - How to Edit Videos with the Instasize App

When it comes to mobile video, it’s best to keep it short and sweet.

Over half of the videos online are under 2 minutes long, but this doesn’t mean you have to forgo the quality of a short video you’re going to upload on social media. Fortunately, you don’t need to reach for your laptop and make complicated edits to create a great video.

All you need is a simple video editor. Simple, but powerful. Instasize will help you edit and create creative and compelling short videos all on your phone.

1. Take or Choose A Video

Your phone can be a powerful tool to take not just photos, but videos too. Keep a few of these tips in mind to improve your phone videography skills:

  • - Give your lens a quick wipe. It might sound too on the nose, but sometimes a clean camera lens is all you need to take a great video.

  • - It’s all about lighting. Don’t rely on your phone’s flash as a source of light. Shoot in the daylight, or set up lighting for low-light shoots. A little production value goes a long way.

  • - Always shoot with two hands. If you don’t have stabilization rigs handy, your best (and only!) tools are your hands.

  • - If you need to move as the object of your video moves, move your body instead of your hands. It will keep your shots steady while allowing your phone camera movement.

Once you’ve shot your video, or uploaded them on your phone on cloud storage, you can select it in Instasize’s simple video editor.

2. Edit Your Video Clip

Once you’ve chosen which clip to edit, it’s time to add a little flair!

Add a filter A filter can change the tone or mood of your video. The right filter can help a simply video shift from an intriguing black and white to a nostalgic sepia, and more. Currently, you can choose from up to 15 different awesome filters. Subscribing to Instasize will give you access to the app’s large database of different filters as well as their selection of fonts. Tap on the filter of your choice and see how your video is enhanced with a little creativity.

  • Adjust the settings

    Color adjustment settings will really increase its quality. A few tweaks and your work will be brighter and may even improve in quality dramatically.

    Just tap the icon next to the filter icon to access the different adjustment settings. You can play around with your video’s exposure, contrast, lux, brightness, sharpness, saturation, tint, warmth, highlights, and shadows. You can even add grain or a vignette for a little more drama.

  • Add text

    On Instasize, you can add text to overlay your video clip. Tap the ‘A’ icon and type the text you want to add. A slider on the screen’s left side controls character spacing. You can also choose the color you want your text to be.

    Tap the check mark once you’re done. You can also change the font of the text. Reposition and resize it by tapping on the text field and pinching the text box according to the size you want.

  • Crop or add a border

    You can crop your video to your desired size, resolution, or orientation. You can also add a solid color border or choose different patterns straight from the app. It’s a simple video editor, but you can make unique content even from just a single video clip.

3. Share Your Video

Now it’s time for the world to see the awesome video you’ve created!

Once you’re done editing your video, simply hit the ‘Done’ button. You can save your final video on your phone, or share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Remember to optimize your video to suit what works for different platforms. For example, when it comes to ideal Instagram Video Length, aim for 3 to 15 seconds om Stories, 3 to 30 seconds on Reels, and 15 seconds to 10 minutes on IGTV.

Who says you need a couple of hours and complicated computer software to create amazing short videos destined to go viral? You just need a powerful but simple video editor and some creativity. When everything from filming to editing can be done on your phone, there’s no limit to creating impressive short films, even on the fly!

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