How to Create Memes for Your Brand Using the Instasize App

It’s impossible to scroll through any social media newsfeed these days and not stumble upon a meme. They’re interesting, funny, relevant, and more importantly, visual. You can say a lot with a meme: funny reactions, witty one-liners, or even political and social commentary.They’re not hard to create, either.

You can turn a photo editor into a memes creator app. You just have to know which fonts to use, photos to choose, message to say, and put them all together in a humorous way.

But, what is a meme?

According to Wikipedia, a meme is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning”. By definition, memes are designed to be enjoyed and shared. An idea, when presented as a meme has a high potential to go viral.

What Can Memes Do For You?

There are so many memes out there, you can find one that will fit your brand perfectly. Here are some ways memes can improve your social media profile:

  • Memes are visual. Audiences statistically respond to visual content, and memes are no exception.

  • Memes are entertaining. Everybody responds to humor, and showing a fun and funny personality will encourage your followers to look out for your content.

  • Memes are relateable. Memes easily go viral because they speak of the current internet trend or climate and in a language that is native to internet users.

  • Memes appeal to younger audiences. It’s always a good idea to tap into younger audiences, and using memes will show them your brand is something they might be into.

  • Memes are versatile. You can find a meme for every issue, reaction, or feeling. You can also stay ahead of the curve and start memes of your own.

How To Create Memes with Instasize

With every new meme that goes viral, there is likely a generator that will help you edit the content in an instant. But, what if you want the freedom to tweak memes or create original ones that fit your brand?

An online generator won’t cut it. You need a memes creator app that gives you creative power from start to finish. Instasize doesn’t just help edit social media-worthy photos, it can also be your one stop shop meme creator.

  • Step #1: Create the Base of The Meme

    Finding a funny photo is half the work done. A candid photo you’re dying to caption, a funny stock image you found online, or even a still from a TV show or movie can be the object of a meme.

    Upload the image on Instasize. Tap your image on the screen to move it around, or pinch to zoom in or out. Tap the square outline icon with a smaller square inside to access Instasize’s large library of patterns to add a background to your meme. Pick a pattern that fits your brand’s look. Don’t worry if it clashes with the photo. That’s part of the meme’s charm. Instasize also offers an easy way to put photos together in a collage using their collage tool.

    Tip: Try uploading a .png image with transparent elements against a pattern background for the full meme effect.

  • Step #2: Add Text

    Make sure you research on how the meme you want to create is written. Once you’re sure about the words you want to add, tap the ‘A’ icon on Instasize and pick a font to add a text field on your meme.

    Memes usually use thick fonts in white, placed on top and below an image. You can use InstaSize’s default fonts like ‘Bevan’, ‘Boogaloo’, and ‘Komika Axis’ for that authentic meme look.

    Search through a plethora of free + premium fonts on the Instasize app.

  • Step #3: Make Additional Adjustments

    Just because it’s a meme doesn’t mean your photo shouldn’t be top quality. You can adjust your meme’s settings such as brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more, right inside the Instasize app. You can also crop it depending on which social media platform you want to publish it in.

    Once you’re done, simply hit the share button and you’ll be prompted to share your image directly on Instagram, Snapchat, save to your Gallery, and more.

How to Get Memes to Work For You

Now that you know how to use your memes creator app, how do you make sure you’re using it to your brand’s advantage? Here are some tips to ensure you’re using memes in a strategic way:

  • Research about the meme. Just as you wouldn’t jump on a hashtag without checking what it means, you should also learn about the memes you’re planning to use. Some of them may be used for specific issues and you don’t want to come across as tone deaf. Learning about the nuances of certain memes could prevent you from coming off as ignorant or out of touch.

  • Use sparingly. Even the most conservative brands have room for a meme or two. But of course, too much of a good thing can alienate the rest of your audience base. Try one meme and see how your audience responds, and incorporate it into your content plan more if appropriate.

  • Be funny and creative. Memes are supposed to be funny and a little ridiculous. This is where you can let loose and exercise your wit. Memes work better when you embrace the innate humor of its content type. With a little creativity, you can tweak any meme into fitting your brand’s aesthetic.

Used the right way, memes can be interesting content types you can add to your feed. With the right promotional techniques, a good memes creator app on hand and a little wit and creativity, you’ll be creating images that will appeal to a whole new and younger audience. Meme away!

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