How to Curate Content for Social Media using the Instasize App

Good social media branding is all about establishing a distinct style, and applying that style on the content you post. But choosing a style or aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to publishing only one kind of content. You can schedule curated content on social media that varies from different content types.

On Instagram, you can post photos and videos and apply your aesthetic for a curated Instagram feed, but this does not mean you can only post certain types of content. In fact, more variety can keep your followers engaged, and attract new followers who may not have thought you post content they’re interested in.

With a plethora of Instagram editing apps available, you can apply any aesthetic to both photo and video for a more cohesive and deliberate Instagram feed. On an app like Instasize, photos and videos have the same editing tools, allowing you to apply similar or identical filters, settings, elements, and more.

Just upload the media you want to edit, add filters, adjust settings, add text and borders, crop it to your liking, and tap the Share icon to send your work to the Instagram app.

Bordered Posts

Bordered Posts with Instasize Bordered Posts with Instasize

Sometimes you want to post photos or videos that might not be very on-brand. How do you branch out without breaking your aesthetic?

Use borders.

Borders can give your images and videos that distinct but uniformed look that gives the impression of a cohesive feed. Instasize has a large collection of patterns you can apply to your photos. You can even upload your own photos and use them as backgrounds. A tutorial on how to use your own photos as a border background can be found here: How To Use Your Own Images as A Border Background.


Collage Posts with Instasize Collage Posts with Instasize

You can upload multiple photos and create a mini-album straight from Instagram. But, what if you want to creatively put them in one photo post? Collages are a great way to uniquely showcase photos you may not want to post individually, but don’t want to be unseen as part of an album.

On Instasize, tap the ‘+’ icon and choose "collages". Pick the photos you want to add then choose the collage layout that will best showcase your photos. You can then edit the collage by adding filters, adjusting photo settings, adding text, or applying patterned borders.

Quotes and Text Posts

Instasize Text Posts Instasize Text Posts

Plenty of Instagram accounts have incorporated quotes into their feeds. Not only does it add variety, it can also be simpler to create compared with edited photos or videos. You’ll be adding to your curated content on social media while giving your followers something inspiring to look forward to.

On Instasize you can upload a photo where you can overlay your quote. Tap the ‘A’ icon or the 'S' icon (for Text Styles) and choose a font you want to use. Edit the text field and move it around the image to put it in place. You can add multiple lines of text in one edit. Tap the circle on the bottom right corner of the text field to resize it.

It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and seriously look into curating various types of content for your various social media accounts. By committing to an aesthetic and using the same tools that Instasize and other apps provide, you’ll be able to apply your style to any type of content to maintain a unified feed.

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