7 Tips to Optimize your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in 2019

Social media has gained so much traction in the previous years that it’s officially been dubbed web 2.0, or the internet’s 2nd era. In fact, the estimate number of social media users for 2019 is 2.77 billion, a stellar increase from last year’s 2.46 billion.

With those facts alone, it’s safe to say that social media is dominating the online space. So for anyone looking to boost their brand, make their name, or take a slice of the social media cake, here are seven tips to get you started in 2019.

Content is King

In 2019, as in any previous year, content is still king. The truth is you can have the best brand in the world, but if you’re not focusing on quality content, marketing it on social media isn’t gonna fly.

What makes social media so great is that it’s participatory and engaging. It gives people a voice and a choice; they get to decide what they wanna see. If something isn’t inspiring, interesting, or informative enough, they’re just gonna ignore and keep scrolling.

A great example is @belenhostalet, whose Instagram feed is expertly curated so that each row of images maintains a similar color palette, creating a sense of consistency and organization that helps to highlight the subject of each image.

So if you’re looking to create great content, don’t complicate things! Figure out what makes your market tick and cross-check which ones fit within your brand’s tone and language. Find the center of that Venn diagram and create posts based on that.

Study and Learn

The best way to learn about which kind of content works and which kind flops is to always check your metrics. Make the most out of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter analytics tools by studying your engagement rates. Take note of which posts garner the most views, likes, reacts, shares, and comments, and revisit and revise your content strategy as you go along.

Besides learning from your own content, it pays well to learn from other accounts, too! Keep track of your competitors and the other performing Instagram accounts that are similar to yours. See what works for them and figure out how to make it work better for you.

Make Your Content Rewatchable

When it comes to quality content, the only thing better than something that’s watchable is something that’s rewatchable. Much like the best jokes, videos, and songs, content that’s worth consuming over and over again tends to transcend time and even generations.

Boost the Good Stuff

You sometimes have to spend a little to gain more traction — especially with content on social media. Spending a few bucks and turning your post into an ad not only puts you on the feeds of your market, it also gives you access to advanced targeting, better click rates, and specialized post formats.

Turn Likes into Followers

When it comes to Facebook optimization, a nifty way to improve your traffic is to invite those who’ve liked your post to like your page. Choose a high-performing post and click on the “Likes.” You’ll get a dropdown option that allows you to invite each person to like your page, and in turn, view the other posts and products you’ve posted. It’s a simple trick with an awesome payoff.

Play Around with Optimization Tools

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and your content’s best reach and engagement rates is a good hashtag game: knowing which ones to use, and how many. Optimize your Instagram account by running your proposed keywords through optimization tools like Display Purposes. Not only will you get a list of hashtags you can use, you’ll also see which ones are bound to get your post the most views.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to optimize your visuals, as well. To make sure that your aesthetic is at its best, run your images through different filters before posting.

Time is Gold

Now that we’ve covered what you should be posting, it’s time to ask “When is the best time to post?”

Based on a research shared by Sprout Social, content posted on weekdays between 10am to 3pm tend to have the best engagement rates — with Wednesdays at noon to 2pm, and Thursdays between 1pm and 2pm being the optimal days and times.

The best times to post on Instagram, on the other hand, are Wednesdays at 3pm, Thursdays at 5am, 11am, and 3-4pm, and Fridays at 5am.

In terms of frequency, one thing to keep in mind is that, when it comes to Facebook and Instagram, less tends to be more. Keep your upload rate at 3 to 5 times a week, so people have time to discover and react to your posts.

Twitter, on the other hand, is the opposite. More is more. Feel free to post whenever you want — or if you don’t have the time, use an automation tool like Social Jukebox to help market yourself more effectively. Social Jukebox automatically shares and reshares your top-performing tweet.

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