4 Lead Generation Strategies for Social Media

Social media is a treasure trove of possibilities for brands. From awareness and connecting with your audience to becoming another avenue for income generation, it’s no surprise that more companies are focusing their efforts on social media.

When used right, social media can also be a powerful tool for lead generation. In fact, marketers have said that it can get you from ‘lead to close’ 100% more effectively than outbound marketing!

Best of all, social media lead generation methods aren’t complicated at all, and there are things you can do immediately:

1. Host Special Offers on Instagram

Want to collect emails? Offer giveaways or promos on Instagram. People are likely to sign up in exchange of freebies or discounts. You can even use special offers to have engaged followers re-gram content (or post their own) bearing your brand, extending your reach to their circles. When you’re coming up with special offers, make sure it’s something that your target or relevant market might want. You want to attract actionable leads. It’s quality, not quantity.

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2. Make the Most Out of Facebook Groups

Want high engagement from your audience? Create a Facebook group to draw in people from your niche: whether fashion, fitness, gadgets, or real estate. Not only do posts from groups show up on the newsfeed more often than Facebook pages, you can encourage members (i.e. your audience) to post their own content. Those who post, comment, and react often are potential leads.

To attract a bigger audience, broaden your group’s scope to more than just your product or brand. You’ll have a wider reach, and the potential to get more people to become interested with what you’re offering, getting them to convert.

3. Monitor Conversations on Twitter

Use Twitter’s advanced search to do a bit of social listening. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s trending, what people are looking for, what they’re saying about your brand or your competitors. Listen, engage and respond -- be part of the conversation. You can even tweet or message people who may be looking for exactly what you’re offering!

4. Optimize Your Brand’s Pinterest Account

Pinterest is great way to share your posts and widening your audience reach to those who may not find you on other social media platforms. It’s a visual platform, and creating aesthetically pleasing pins to accompany your links will help get them re-pinned, ensuring more people view them.

Broaden your board topics, too. Just like Facebook Groups, you can use this lead generation method to attract other people before eventually selling them on your product, service, or even brand.

Consumers today are smarter than ever, and spending most of their time on social media. When you relate to your customers and market to them where they are, you’ll generate leads quickly and will achieve your sales goals in the smartest way possible.

Pro Tip: When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is also a platform you definitely have to check out. Most of the users on LinkedIn are business owners and professionals, making the environment conducive for drawing up potential leads who are serious about doing business. To maximize your LinkedIn presence, there are also many LinkedIn automation tools that can help you generate leads. If you are using LinkedIn sales navigator, you could make the most of it by combining it with tools that directly export leads and verified email lists from sales navigator to your CRM

Finally, keep in mind that every lead you get is valuable, but only as long as it's valid. Make sure the email addresses you gather belong to real people who want to engage with your brand. Validate your email list periodically to weed out bad contacts and increase your chances to reach people in their inboxes

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